Inspiring growth through the power of a gift
We give away art, life-coach sessions, goods and services.
This is how it works
Happy life is available for absolutely everyone, it takes only a choice you need to make.
As a metaphor I leave the art-piece on a street available for everyone.
But only one who is curious enough is able to work for happiness.
That's why I don't leave any notes in front of the painting.
One needs to be able to replace the fear and suspiciousness with curiosity.
This approach provides tons of reward. On the other side one finds the information about the project and rewards.
That way I increase the chance that the person is ready to accept the help.
Only a brave open-minded person willing a change will want to use a life-couch/psycology voucher.
Reward of curiosity can be much bigger then you think.
As a symbol of it besides the life-coach session voucher I include more presents provided by the other collaborators.
As a result all the participants are happy.
Because they see in action how the power of a gift works and they all have just contributed to changing the world little bit.
What we've done by now
★ 21 art pieces by Sasha hidden in Helsinki
★ 20 people found their own and received gifts/coaching sessions.
★30+ amazing GIVERS involved,
★~5000euros given away in goods and services.
★Countless smiles/tears/laughs/insights.

And it’s just a START!
NOW - ALL the canvases will be collected in one place at the GIVING heART exhibition at Hotel Katajanokka 6 Nov - 6 Dec 2020.

With real stories behind each one.

Exhibition opening at
Hotel Katajanokka
Project participants came together to celebrate the power of a gift
This is what we made people feel
They are giving life-coach/psychology sessions!
There generous professional specialists are providing free life-coach sessions to those, who find the paintings.
They have found art works
Our Supporters
They value giving and make the project real
Who am I? Ha, what do I know?
The «Giving heART» project is a logical continuation of my life path and includes together all the things that keep me going.
That's an interesting topic for a few hours discussion.

But well, here are few details which will help you to put me in some boxes. I spend my days building up this project, drawing, tattooing, developing myself and participating in couple other cool projects.

I come from Ulyanovsk, Russia. I've been moving from a place to another for many years and still don't have a permanent city to live in. Longest periods were in Russia, Bali, Finland and Portugal. I have a masters degree in business administration. I speak Russian, English, Finnish, basic Portuguese and already forgot Indonesian..

I am passionate life explorer and self challenger. This is probably the only thing which haven't changed in me - curiosity and sense that «there gotta be something else besides, lets go check», because I don't know what I don't know.
I like surfing and paragliding. I firmly believe that everybody is able to live the life at its fullest if they choose to.

Also eating well and certain level of comfort keep me going, so for now I invite you to have a look at my porfolio to see if any of my art will resonate with your taste.

Thank you for the time you took to read this.
Now smile because why not.
*Inspired by #arttobestolen Arte da Rurobare project by Marco Cantarelli
(c) 2019 Sasha Luchkova